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Victorious, Eternal Light: A Jazz Passion

Join us for Victorious, Eternal Light: A Jazz Passion on Sunday, March 22nd at 4pm in the St. Cletus Parish Center.

Featuring 12 choir voices and 11 jazz musicians. Libretto by Pastor David Abrahamson of Saint Luke Church Chicago. Music composed by Andy Tecson, Bobby Lewis and Bobby Schiff. Dan MacDonald will sing the role of Jesus. Justin Sisul will be the conductor. The band includes Andy Tecson, Bobby Schiff, Ken Jandes, Jerry Coleman, Stewart Miller, Tim Coffman, Geraldo DeOliveira, Mark Olen, John Blane, Art Davis, Pat Ferreri and Jerry DeMuzio. Vocal solo and vocal quartet roles will be sung by Dawn Holt Lauber, Gayle Bisesi, Matt Bowker and Jon Negus. The choir will include Beverly Coleman, Susan Smentek, and Lakeside Singers members Marianne Embree, Angel Barrette, Mike Molloy, Andrew Distel, Bill Balmer and Luke Bruschuk. Admission is free. This work is one hour in length. Author Rev. Peter W. Marty wrote about this work: "The Jazz Passion performance was truly awesome. As I listened (and watched – and there was a lot to watch), I kept thinking of the many beautiful layers and textures in the piece."

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